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Barkhor Street

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It is a famous commercial and commodity-distributing center in Tibet, consisting of more than 120 handicrafts shops and more than 200 stalls at present. Barkhor is a good choice that should never be missed by tourists coming to Lhasa, for the history and present situation of Tibetan handicrafts have been clearly recorded here.

Except for the period of Tibetan New Year that lasts about 15 days, Barkhor is always very busy and swinging during the year. Jokhang Temple opens every day except for important festivals and religious activities. As for food, the Barkhor Cafe and Gangki Teahouse at the end of Barkhor are all good choices for you to enjoy sweet tea, butter tea or yoghurt. Besides, if you want to buy some Tibetan medicine, you can go to the salesroom of the Tibetan Medicine Factory of Tibet Autonomous Region opposite to Barkhor Street. Also, French perfume and Indian incense are available at the National Tourist Shop opposite to the Tibetan Hospital. At the south of Barkhor, there is a Manzha Hostel with special ambience. Furthermore, near the Barkhor, you can taste the mysterious collision of multiple cultures through visiting Dude Monastery Ruins, convent and mosque.

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