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Fontainebleau Gallery

Last updated by go2c at 2017/6/20

Works of famous Tibetan painters (most are oil paintings, together with carvings, sketches and Chinese ink paintings), craftworks and books.

There are lots of Tibetan decorations, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and various strange items in Tibet. Jewelry laid out on the stalls is rarely made of pure gold or silver, to say nothing of the gems inlaid. Although they are coarsely done, the style and color are absolutely Tibetan. So, you can buy a large quantity of them as gifts for friends and colleagues. The prices are reasonable, which range from 1to more then 19 RMB. Since Tibetans call white copper silver, so they seem frank when showing a copper bracelet and telling you it is made of true silver. While, small shops on the street behind the Jokhang Temple trade in real silver jewelry, you would better take an electronic weigher, and the price is about 25 RMB per gram.

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