Yarlung Folk Culture Center

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Covering 2,866 square meters, the Yarlung Folk culture center is a combination of Tibetan style and Han style in architecture. As an auxiliary project, the Tibetan Garden has eight scenic spots, with Naidong history being the theme.

The scenic spots are as follows: Gate to holy land is comprised of a series of such landscapes as …subsidence square, Peace tower, Tibetan drama forum, Stonewall for Tibetan legends, Buddhism steamer, etc. extending from north to south. Pasture embodies the origin of Tibetan by means of the culture of Yak and Qingke (Highland barley).

Perfect pair tells not only the plaintive and lovely romantic story about princess Wen-cheng of Tang Dynasty and later married the Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo at that time, but also the marriage customs in Tibet. Leisure island is a place for leisure which consists of islands, trees and over-water architectures.

Fishing area is curved water areas made up of five scenic spots like fishing platform, silver beach and so on. Racing on the grassland is made up of a group of recreations such as Tibetan horsemanship, archery, wrestling and Tibetan drama performance. Tibet theme garden is about local conditions and customs. Good luck for treasure is a large area of woods in which something valuable have been hidden previously, and the participants will make an attempt to find the hidden items for recreation with a map offered by the center.

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Yarlung Folk culture center lies in the Changzhu town, Naidong county, Lhokha Prefecture. Being in the middle reach of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, the center is facilitated with good transportation and communication, not to mention its mild climate.

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