Zhari Mountain

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Brief introduction: Tibet, one of the last pure lands on the planet, lies in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the highest Plateau in the world. It is one of three most popular travel destinations in China. Tibet is also well-known for its mystery and sacredness. Zhari in Tibetan means a holy mountain or a luxuriant mountain.

Viewed as a Xiangbala (an ideal and holy land) in Tibet, Zhari mountain has not only luxuriant plants, a large range of herbs, amiable climate, but also lots of wild flowers, grand waterfalls, snow mounts, vast prairie, long and winding valleys, clear and pure lakes and boundless stretch of primeval forest. Its beauty and purity never fail to impress.

As one of the twenty-four world famous mountains, Zhari mountain is an ideal place for the construction of Buddha’s Shengle Warrior attendant palace. It’s said that this holy land was opened by an eminent monk zhonggong.zangbajiari ( a Living Buddha)of Geju school( a branch of Buddhism) in some a Monkey year(by the Tibetan calendar) in the early thirteenth century. Before the opening, great masters Lianhuasheng, Baimalamizha, Adixia and Jiegongyixiduoji (the Living Buddha Dalagangbu) had been practicing Buddhism there.

After the opening, great masters like Zhubabaimagabu, Jiezongkebu, Jiewaguocangba and Milariba had come to cultivate and attain the right fruit by self-cultivation. According to local legends, there are 108 kinds of trees, 108 kinds of rare medicinal herbs, 108 scared springs, 108 caves for cultivation, 108 sacred lakes as well as 108 places for celestial burial in the mountain.

Therefore, the Zhari mountain has been taken as an earthly paradise by travelers and Buddhist devotees. When in Monkey years (by the Tibetan calendar), the mountain attracts especially much more Buddhists. For one reason, the seventh April in the Monkey year of Tibetan calendar is the birthday of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. For another, the tenth day of the Monkey month of the Monkey year is the birthday of Lianhuashen, a Great Master in Buddhism.

What’s more, the tenth day in each month of the Monkey year is regarded as the day when Lianhuashen transmigrated into a human being from a god. The Zhari mountain is generally referred as Shengle palace in Buddhism from where the Buddha Gods descended to earth. The holy name is not only household but also famous in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim.

A saying has enjoyed more than eight hundred years of history that when in a Horse year, the Buddha Gods came down to the mountain of Disi, when in a Goat year, the mountain of Laqi, when in Monkey year, the mountain of Zhari in turn. According to the tradition, a travel to the Zhari mountain in the Monkey year will make you live longer and make you enter the Land of Ultimate Bliss or bring you reincarnation after death, while helping you tide over crises and leading a satisfactory life. Anyhow, the Zhari mountain will be a perfect place for traveling, recreation and relaxation.

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Zhari mountain is located in the Zhari town, Longzi county, Lhokha Prefecture, which is known as the birthplace of Tibetan culture and Tibetan.

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