Liaoning Festivals

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1 Shenyang International Tourism Festival for the Exhibition of Qing Cultures

The time of the event:  In September every year.


Place of the event: Shenyang city.

Brief introduction: This festival originated from the Shenyang Folk-customs Tourism Festival with a tourism week for the display of the cultures in the Qing Dynasty as the center, which was first hold in 1998. In 2002, it was formally named as the Shenyang International Tourism Festival for the Exhibition of Qing Cultures. It is an international grand occation with the combination of economic and trade exchange, tourism activities, as well as cultural and academic communications, mainly relying on the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, and some unique tourism resources like “the one palace and two mausoleums” and the street of Qing cultures.

Contents of the Festival: During the festival, the major activities include the Great Parade for the royal etiquettes, the Emperor’s tour of inspection, dances of the Manchu royal court, the Saman mid-autumn festival ceremonial dances, and the cultural temple fair in Shengjing. The Great Parade for the Royal Etiquettes has expanded from the original Street of Qing Culture to the plaza of the Municipal government, extending for 7 kilometers. Millions of people would join the procession, and there would be images of the emperors, the empresses, the chancellors, the maids-in-waiting, the guards, and the honour guards.

2 The Locust tree Festival in Dalia

Time of the Festival: In May of each year.

Place of the Festival: Dalian, Liaoning

Brief Introduction to the Festival:
Since the success of the first Locust tree Festival hold in Dalian in 1989, up to now, the festival has had a history of 16 years. Millions of tourists from foreign countries are attracted to the festival every year, making it a world-renowned international tourism festival of Dalian.

There are locust tress all over the country, but the locust trees in Dalian are well known throughout the country because of its large number and the variety of breeds. Locust trees can be seen here and there all over the city, including such breeds as the silver chains, the scholar-trees, and the gold locust tree, covering almost 1/3 of the entire afforestation area in the city. In this sense, Dalian is worthy of the name “the Oriental City of Locust Trees”, and the locust tree flowers are fully qualified to be designified as the city flower of Dalian. At the end of May every year, with the coming of the florescence of locust trees, all the streets are scented with the aroma of locust tree flowers, mild but refreshing. Roaming the street, you couldn’t help recalling the scene when you climbed on the tree to picked the locust tree flowers in your childhood, and it seems that the sweet taste has remained in your mouth ever since. 

3 2006 Dalian International Beach Culture Festival

Time of the Festival: July to August each year.

Place of the Festival: Dalian, Liaoning.

Contents of the Festival:
The most obvious characteristics of all the previous Dalian International Beach Culture Festivals is that it is widely participated by all the citizens, it is also an important international event which can fuel the economic growth of Dalian. Except for the preferential price of the tickets, we have also plotted six subareas on the Gold Coast, including the Sand Sculpture area, the sea sports area, etc., in this way, more and more citizens have a chance to take part in the activities. Dalian is especially beautiful in summer, it is really an enjoyment if you sit on the soft silver sand bathed by the warm sunshine with the clear blue sea in your front, at the same time, you can also have some iced cool drinks as you appreciate those fine and artful works of sand sculpture.

4 2006 Chinese International Beer Festival

Time of the festival: July and August of each year.

Place of the festival: Dalian,Liaoning.

Brief introduction to the festival:
The first Chinese International Beer Festival is held in Beijing in 1999, after it had been held successively in Beijing for three years, in 2002, it is formally staged in Dalian. By now, it has been successfully held in Dalian for 5 years, and Dalian has also been known as the “Oriental Munich”in the world. 2006 Chinese International Beer Festival is the eighth time we have hosted this festival, the main venue is located at the Xinghai plaza, inside the plaza, there are five specific areas, namely the Inside Ring Performance Area, the Ornamental Pillars Display Area, the Munich Carnival Area, the Folk-customs Area, and the Exciting Games Area, in this way, we can meet all the demands of the tourists from different age groups with the excellent performance of songs, dances and musics, the colorful exhibition, the pure and authentic beer, the folk-customs of the exotic nationalities, and the fashionable and stimulating games.

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