Lugu lake

The Lugu Lake is a magnificent body of water which is tucked amidst gorgeous land formation. This is like a shimmering gem which rests right in the middle of the hills and mountains in Yunnan. Hence, the immense beauty that envelopes the surroundings can be very overwhelming.

The great thing about the Lugu Lake is that it is not too far from the main streets of the Lijiang City. People do not have to go too far to be able to escape the noisy streets and busy areas of the city. This lake is just about 200 kilometers from the center.

Things to Do

Appreciating the Lake’s Beauty

The view of the Lugu Lake is really attention-grabbing. When standing on a slightly elevated part, it is difficult not to notice the interesting shape of the water formation. The lake mimics the shape of a horse’s hoof with its sharp turns. This is longer from north to south and it is much narrower from east to west.

The lake appears to be such a magical place because of the changing looks at different times of the day. When dawn breaks, the surroundings are covered with mist and the bluish-green shade of the water makes it appear to be a mystical place. When the sun is high up, the golden rays gives the water a bright orange color. In the afternoon, the hills cast shadows upon the water, creating an interesting play of dark and light. As the evening draws near, the water looks even more serene and the water turns to dark green color. All day long, the gentle wind blows constantly too so the atmosphere is always refreshing and soothing.

Five Islands

There are also five different islands which can be seen in Lugu Lake. Some people climb up the higher plane to be able to catch a glimpse of the five islands and take beautiful pictures. When seen from a bird’s eye point of view, the five islands look like boats which gracefully float on the serene water of the lake.

Among the five lakes, there are three which are most attention-grabbing and these are the Heiwawu Island, Liwubi Island and Lige Island. For the bird-watchers, the Heiwawu Island is the most popular one. It is because this serves as the habitat for the birds. During migratory season, birds from other parts of the world, particularly those from Australia and Europe, stop by the Heiwawu Island for food. The Nixi Island may be considered as the smallest among the five but this also possesses much beauty. This is primarily covered with grass and moss, giving it a bright green color all year round.

Land Formations

It is not just the sparkling Lugu Lake which wins the hearts of tourists. The gently sloping hills and mountains also surround the waters. Upon reaching the Lugu Lake, it is easily noticeable that this place is carefully preserved. All thanks to the efforts of the government and the local residents, the surrounding areas of Lugu Lake still flourishes with different types of trees, shrubs and plants.


What makes Lugu Lake an even more interesting place is their societal arrangement. The township is labeled as the absolute women’s world because of the power and authority that women have. Marriage does not exist among couples. Instead, men stay at the home of women as their mate and they are called as Axia. The children follow the matriarchal lineage and use the surname of the mother.


72 km from Ninglang Town, Lijiang City

How to Get There?

There are direct shuttle buses from Lijiang to Lugu Lake every day with the price of 73 yuan.

Ticket Price:

about 81 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

All day, all year round

More Tips:

Respect the customs, habits and religion of local minorities.

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