Sifang Street

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Sifang Street is located in the Central Square of Lijiang Ancient Town, covering an area of about 6 acres. The shape of the Square is much like a big square official seal. That's why it was named Sifang Street by the then chieftain, getting its meaning of "conquest of the neighborhood". There is also another saying that, it got its name because of its roads leading to all directions, making it the terminal for clusters of people and traffic.

Sifang Street embodies the bazaars of the ancient town. The buildings there today are mostly of the Ming and Qing dynasty architectural styles, and the street is famous for its unique street shape.

There are four streets extending from the square, to the east are Guangyi Street, Qiyi Street, Wuyi Street, and to the west are the Xinhua Street, bottom part of Huangshan Street, then each street spreads to various directions. To be there, you can try to figure out whether the streets are built following the traditional Chinese design of groined arch style or not.

It is like this that this ancient bazaar gave birth to the initial state of city. So Sifang Street can be the exact place for you to learn about ancient China.

Solo Adventure Tips:


in the Central Square of Lijiang Ancient Town

How to Get There?

Take No.2, 3, 13 and 15 buses there.

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Opening Hours:

all day

More Tips:

There are campfire performance on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday .

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