Walnut Garden

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The Walnut Garden is the perfect escape for people who are troubled with their day to day obligations and for those whose bodies are fatigued by all their usual activities. This is a sanctuary which welcomes guests with the sweet-smelling air and the calming atmosphere.

Others easily assume that to be able to find a place that is tranquil and relaxing, they would need to drive to a remote area or spend hours in travelling. With the Walnut Garden, tourists do not have to stay away too far from the main streets of Yunnan Province. This is a peaceful location which is not too distant from the heart of the city.

Things to Do

The main reason why Walnut Garden is named as such is because there used to be countless walnut trees here. The entire vicinity used to be covered with the lush leaves of this type of tree. Today, the population of walnut trees in this place has been reduced. The good thing is that there are still lots of other types of trees which bloom here all year round.

It is actually impressive how the government and the locals have preserved the natural beauty of the Walnut Garden. There are still rare ferns, plants and shrubs which grow within the surroundings. The different bodies of water also remain clean and clear.

It does not matter which part of the Walnut Garden one would prefer to stay in. Every corner of this place is covered with immeasurable beauty that Mother Nature has made. The horizon is adorned by the mountains. During the winter months, these are sparkling white because of the snow which encapsulates especially the top part. When autumn comes in, the plants and greeneries in the mountains bloom much further. Hence, there is a mixture of rich green hues with a pop of other colors like oranges and reds. Regardless of the season, the horizon always looks postcard-worthy.

Staying close to the river is another great decision for tourists who are visiting the Walnut Garden. At night, they could hear the calming sound that the water creates. During the day, there are also boats that are for rent. These boats are owned by the locals and they offer rides for tourists who would like to explore the surroundings of the lake.

Walking around the Walnut Garden can be helpful in unwinding too. The areas around the lake are covered with a myriad of plants and flowers. Plus, the trees have been preserved. Hence, even during the summer months, the temperature is still very friendly.

The climate is always relatively cooler compared to the rest of Yunnan. It is because the Walnut Garden is close to the mountains. Aside from that, the lake also helps in keeping the surroundings breezy.

For tourists who would like to stay here for a few days, there are quaint accommodations which can be found within the township area. This will also give them a chance to mingle with the locals. It is a good chance to go shopping and be able to enjoy some of the local products that this place has to offer.

Locals sometimes spend the nights gathering around bonfires, especially during holidays or other occasions. Tourists may also get the opportunity to bond with the locals during such events.

Solo Adventure Tips:


The village part of the Walnut Garden is situated between the middle and lower reaches of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

How to Get There?

From Daju, take private transportation or cab to Walnut Garden because there are no public busses which go directly to this place.

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Opening Hours:

All day

More Tips:

Visit Walnut Garden during winter or summer. This is the time when the climate is absolutely relaxing.

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