Wangu Pavilion

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Wangu Pavilion is the landmark of Lijiang, Yunnan, which lies on the highest position of Lion Hill. On the Wangu Pavilion, visitors stand under the majestically tree and can get a good view of whole roofscape of new and old Lijiang city and watch the snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from afar.


Landscape of Lijiang

Left from the entrance square to the Old City of Lijiang there are stone stairs that lead up to Lion Hill.

Climbing up the pavilion, there will offer a magnificent view of the rooftops below, tile roofscape of Lijiang Ancient Town on one side and the modern flat rooftops of Lijiang New Town on the other side. The main attractions here are the view of Lijiang and the surrounding hills, the beautifully painted ceilings where the color of the beams form an intricate pattern, and the sculptures on the roof.

The high position is also a peculiar place for seeing the sunrise and sunset shining on the white snow cap of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Further down the path visitors come across a complex where in the Qing dynasty Mu reigned, an enlightened ruler. In western eyes it's too bad that after undergoing renovation the structures look as if they were new. Chinese culture apparently prefers good upkeep to old looks. Still, it is a pretty and historically interesting site that shows how life was conducted in the upper circles of the time.

The ticket visitors buy at the entrance to the pagoda gains access to the palace, too, and are quite pricey.

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Xinhua Street, Dayan Town, Gucheng District, Lijiang, China

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