White Water River

Located 25 kilometers to the north of Lijiang, White Water River (Baishui River) is actually formed by runoff from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. White Water River has another name- milk river. Its flat riverbed consists of white lime stones and marbles when seen from the bank, the water looks white, hence its name.

This river gives visitor the white first impression. The water is crystal clear and pure. The water main source - ice-cold water melted into numerous small springs from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the snow capped mountain, runs into the White Water River. The water is extremely cold even in summer so that visitors could enjoy cool to avoid summer heat.

White Water River presents its cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation nearby and snow capped mountains far away as its background in a magnificent and miraculous way. Standing beside the river, visitors will have a view of the grand and charming spectacle of the snow mountain.

The best visiting season is summer and autumn, respectively from June to July and September to October. It is a nice place to avoid summer heat. Visitors can appreciate the scenery along the bank either by foot or by riding a horse.

White Water River

Tour White Water River (Baishui River)

White Water River is close to the cable cars to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. With only several minutes' walking, you will get to the cable cars place. There are Large Cable Way and the Small Cable Ways nearby but most visitors prefer the Large Cable Way as it reaches the highest peak of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Having got off from the Large Cable Way, visitors may take a free sightseeing car or walk to White Water River. The sceneries along the way are fantastic. If weather permitted, you can have a great view of the snow mountain. 40 minutes are enough to travel around the river and take in the scenery. If you enjoy the cool environment, you can stay longer.

Location: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Lijiang Ancient Town, Yunnan Province
Transport: Taking cars from Lijiang Ancient Town to Yunshanping

Nearby Attractions:

Yulong (Jade Dragon) Snow Mountain

Located in 20 kilometers north of Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain covers a total area of some 400 square kilometers. It is a snow-capped mountain. All of the 13 peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain reach an altitude over 5000 meters and the highest peak reaches an altitude of 5596 meters. There are many ski slopes on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, where skiing is possible all year round.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Lijiang Ancient Town

Lijiang Ancient Town is located in outskirt of the present Lijaing City, Yunnan Province. The village’s layout is unique, which is a perfect architectural fusion of Bai minority, Tibet and Han Chinese.


25km north of Lijiang city, in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

How to Get There?

Baishui River is nearby the road from Lijiang to Yanshanping, so tourists can take a visit on their way to Lijiang or Yunshanping.

More Tips:

There are gorgeously-dressed yaks along the Baishui River, tourists can pay to ride on them, or take photos with them, only 5 Yuan for one time.

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