Yushui Valley

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Traveling to Yushui Valley in Yunnan, China is a great experience. The Yushui Valley boasts of many striking attractions. The valley is located near the Yushui Village in Lijiang. Yushui Valley is considered to be the holy land of Dongba, which is the place of origin of Lijiang.

Three Layers of Water

You can also find this wonderful attraction near Yushui Village. Here, you will find the Three Layers of Water. This group of waterfalls comes together in a beautiful flow. This place is peaceful and quiet and the only thing you can hear is the sound of the rushing waters. The legend about the Three Layers of Water talks about the Yulong god who goes out every year to guard the dam in Lijiang. Every year, this Yulong god plays with the water and the wind, creating the Three Layers of Water.

The three layers of water were regarded to be the Dragon out Waterfall, the Playing Dragon Waterfall, and the Sending Dragon off Waterfall. These three waterfalls are combinations of crystal clear waters that make the place of Yushui a sought-after one. The Naxi people adore and worship the Three Layers of Water by way of using it in their daily living. They drink the water during their meals. Also, the structures of their yards are inspired by the Three Layers of Water, and some of their clothes are styled to match the three waterfalls.

Divine Spring

The Three Layers of Water comes from the Divine Spring that flowed down the slope. This produces a stream of clear water. It is very clean and some inhabitants use this filtered water to drink. Around the spring are ancient trees; people are prohibited to climb these trees because they are believed to be the guardians of the spring. Its crystal clear waters present the Divine Springs sacredness and purity.

The clean and vivid waters of the spring are actually products of the melted snow coming from the Yulong Mountain. This spring yields good and clean waters, which is why it is also used to produce mineral waters. The waters are cleansed and filtered by thick rocks, thus making it pure and clear. The Naxi people adore the Divine Spring and would often visit this place to worship the gods. Here, they gather and pray that they will receive bountiful harvests and abundant blessings for the following days.

The Divine Spring is surrounded by trees. These trees are ancient ones and were even listed in the Ancient Trees Catalog of Yunnan. Anyone who climbs the trees is punished by the nature, because these trees serve as guards of the spring. Before, it was said that a villager attempted to go through these trees, and as a result, he suffered in bed for moths. But he still recovered when he turned to ask forgiveness from Dongba. And to pay for his misdeeds, he planted a willow near the spring.

Dongba Village

Next is Dongba Village. This village is steeped in tradition, which can be seen in the surroundings, lifestyle, and daily activities. The Dongba village and its structures were built and inspired from the Naxi’s standard lifestyle. The ambiance of the village gives you a feeling of ancient traditional cultures, as seen from the structures and layouts of their homes, buildings, and surroundings.

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How to Get There?
At Jinjia Market, 15 km away to the urban area, there are many buses to Yuhu Village, which will pass Yushui Stockade, 5RMB per person.

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50 Yuan per person

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Recommended Time for a Visit: one day

Nearby Attraction: Baisha Village, Zhoucheng Town, and Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park

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