Luoyang Folk Museum

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Luoyang Folk Museum, built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty(1744) and located on the west bank of Nanya River on Dongguan Xin Street in Luoyang, is reputed as the microcosm of Chinese folk culture. Being built on the former site of Luze Huiguan ("Huiguan" means "assembly hall", it was one of the most famous ancient architectural complexes in the Qing Dynasty), the museum is now the largest professional folk museum in Henan, the protected national heritage site, one of the ten best scenery spots, and national AAA level scenery spot. Designed to carry forward the Heluo culture* ("He" means Huanghe-the Yellow River, "Luo" means the Luo River, and "Heluo" means the area near the joint of this two rivers, with Luoyang as its center. This is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization) and display the folk custom, the museum has received more than 600,000 tourists by now. A more important role is also played on enriching the material and cultural life of the people, even promoting the construction of material and spiritual civilization of the nation.

Folk art is one of the most important components of folk custom, is a kind of tangible culture displaying the beauty of countryside and primitiveness. In Folk Art Exhibition Hall of the museum, the paper-cut for lovers as pledge of love, and for indoor decoration will be displayed. These paper-cut are the top grade, which will be cut in rarefied size with roughly bold carving skills or fine exquisite carving skills. There are also many root-carvings and wood-carvings in the exhibition hall. The sculptors have tried their best to interpret the appearance and action of figures in an accurate way, thus leaving the visitors with the eternal esthetical moment.

Every year, during the April 14 to 25, the yearly Luoyang Folk Culture Temple Fair will be hold, which is an important public cultural entertainment activity in Luoyang. The museum will organize folk art groups from all parts of the city to perform in the temper fair. The programs performed in the temper fair are abundant in local characteristics and strong modern breath. A large number of tourists from home and abroad will be attracted to take a visit.

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west bank of the Nanya River on Dongguan Xin Street in Luoyang

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Take buses No.7, 17, 22, 57, to the stop of Luoyang Folk Museum

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20 Yuan/person

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