Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs

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Covering an area of more than 150 mu and with a total building area of 8,200 square meters, the Luoyan Ancient Tomb Museum is divided into two sections: the section of the typical tombs of the past dynasties which exhibits 25 tombs dated from the West Han to the Song and Jin Dynasty. And the nine West Han frescos such as "Dispelling the Ghosts" and "the Ascension of Piaoqiuqian" discovered in the tombs can be called as the gems of ancient paintings; the section of the North Wei Imperial mausoleums has the mausoleum of the Emperor Xuanwu as its center and it mainly displays the basic features of the layout of mausoleums in the North Wei Dynasty. The buildings include two parts which are imitative of the Han and North Wei Dynasty, magnificent and elegant. Inside you will find rare flowers and trees, abundant in green; pine trees and bamboos, always green throughout the year. Set off by the grass, trees, flowers and bamboos, the grand pavilions and zigzagging aisles are more beautiful. The environment elegant and the scenery beautiful, it can be called as a garden museum, which is a good choice for people to go sightseeing and for relaxation.


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Take the 83 Bus at the railway station

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9:00- 16:00

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