Luoyang Museum

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Facing the south, the Luoyang Museum is an archaized building with ethical characteristics. Right on the frontispiece is a horizontal inscribed board with the hand-writing of "Luoyang Museum" by Dong Biwu. As a local museum, it was built on the 10th May, 1985 and it already has a long period of more than 30 years. Housed with the precious cultural relics of past dynasties unearthed in Luoyang, with coverage of 1700 square meters, there are several exhibition rooms arranged according to the historical periods or dynasties. There are over 2000 cultural relics which date from 500,000 years ago to the Ming and Qing Dynasty, many of which are the nation-level ones. They vividly reflect the history and developing process of economy, politics and culture in Luoyang. Besides, the exhibition room of Artistic Treasures of the Royal Families is set up to display the 400,000 articles used by the royal families. Since 1982, the Luoyan Museum also has held the ancient paintings, currencies and the theme exhibitions of arts of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It has also held itinerant shows of tricolor-glazed pottery and the royal arts abroad, as well as the Treasure Exhibition of the Ancient Capital- Luoyan and the Exhibition of tricolor-glazed pottery in Japan. A storeroom of arts with more than 3000 square meters was set up during this period.

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Visitors can take No. 2 bus in the urban district of Luoyang City

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8:00- 19:30

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