Museum of the Chamber of One Thousand Treasures of Tang Dynasty

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The Chamber of one thousand treasures of Tang Dynasty is built by the famous democratic patriot Zhangfang (Zhang Boying) in the 1920's.It has an area of 30 mu, well-known for the more than 1400 treasured epitaphs and stone carvings of Tang and later dynasties and that is why Zhang Taiyan named its banner as The Chamber of one thousand treasures of Tang Dynasty. It is a historic treasury vault from which we can study the great achievements, calligraphy works and arts of the Tang Dynasty during the 300-year reign. It's praised as "the carved book of the Tang Dynasty" and "the History of Development of the calligraphy of Tang Dynasty" for its rich bearing. The Chamber of one thousand treasures of Tang Dynasty displays the stone carvings of the famous painters and calligraphers such as Banqiao Zheng, Dong Qicang Dong, Di Mi, Duo Wang and those recent ones such as Changsuo Wu, Youren Yu, Youwei Kang etc. Their works are regarded as great treasures. The Chamber of one thousand treasures of Tang Dynasty is the research base of the history of Tang of our country, a shining pearl of the traveling route and a place where the experts from both home and abroad, lovers of paintings and calligraphy must visit. A limited company has been set up after the name of the museum there selling rubbings, paintings, embroideries and jade wares and other souvenirs.

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Visitors can take a coach in the urban district to the Xin’an County

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8:00- 19:30

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