Wangcheng Park

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Wangcheng Park, located in the Zhongzhou Road, is the biggest comprehensive park in Luoyang. For being built on the site of Dongzhou King, the park got its name of Wangcheng Park.

This park is composed of ancient culture area, peony garden, animal house and pleasure ground, implying both traditional classical flavor and full-bodied modern style. There is a series of tectural complex in the ancient culture area, such as Jisheng Zhu Stone Stele, Shenyuan Tai Pavilion Mingde Gate and so on. The arrangement of rounding corridor, cramped construction, pristine structures, and ancient instruments playbacks the extensive and profound culture of Zhou Dynasty. Meanwhile, the Jiuding Wall and Hetu carved stone shows the prominent wisdom and talent of Chinese ancestors.

Positioned in the north of Wangcheng Park, the animal house assembles more than 50 kinds of unique fauna, like Giant Panda, Manchurian Tiger, South China Tiger and Red-crowned Crane. The peony garden, composed of several large-scale flowerbeds, is the most famous area in Wangcheng Park. There are over 10,000 peonies planted in this garden. Among these 300 kinds of peonies, there is a Peony Fairy statue standing curvaceously and gracefully.

Every year at the period of flower blossom, the whole garden is decorated with magic colours and beautiful peonies, and of course hundreds of dancing butterflies and bees. As a place of recreation and tourism, Wangcheng Park is a must tourist attraction for you.

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No.298 Zhongzhou Middle Road, Luoyang

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No.9, 11, 15, 19, 40, 50, 59, 101, 102, 103

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best season to visit ( 3-10 month)

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