Xiaolangdi Scenic Area

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Lying on the trunk stream of the Yellow River around Xiaolangdi village of Mengjin County 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) north of Luoyang City, Henan Province, Xiaolangdi Water Control Project is located in the exit of the last gorge in the middle reaches of Yellow River. The reservoir aims to provide flood control, ice jam control, silt reduction, irrigation, municipal and industrial (M & I) water supply as well as hydroelectric power generation. With this dam, the flood control ability for the lower reaches of the Yellow River will be enhanced from 60 years at present to a thousand years. The Yellow River, with its forces of pouring down from the Loess Plateau, penetrates through JinShan Grand Canyon, squeezes out from Longmen, jumps into the mountainous West Henan Grand Canyon, traverses the Sanmen Gorge, rushes through the Bali Gorge, breaks from the last gorge-Xiaolangdi Gorge, and then dissolves into the North China Plain. The side banks of the Xiaolangdi reservoir are mountianous, including Yao Mountian, Shao Mountain, Mang Mountain of Qinling Moutain System on the south bank, Wangwu Mountain of Zhongtiao Mountain System and Taihang Mountain System on the north bank. And the reservoir is also river-riched, for instance, Jian River, Yuli River, Zhen River on the south bank, Haoqing River, Chenxi River, Xiyang River, Fengshi River, Dayu River on the north bank, all of which are the branches of the Yellow River.

Xiaolangdi Scenic Area of the Yellow River covers 1262 square kilometers (including a water area of 296 square kilometers). It is constituted of four parts, namely the Xiaolangdi Dam, the Jingzi Mountain, the Bali Gorge, and the Sanmen Gorge. Altogther there are 13 sections, made up of 113 scenic spots. Xiaolangdi Scenic Area of Henan Province, featured with its gorges and rivers in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, manifests the historical, cultural and natural scenery of large-scale mountain-lake scenic spot of the Yellow River. And it is the first choice for you to take your sightseeing tour and vacation there.


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50 kilometers north of Luoyang City

How to Get There?
It is very convenient to get there by taking a nonstop shuttle bus in Luoyang city.

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The entrance ticket: free

The sightseeing area: 30 yuan per person

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Avoid the dispute with local farmers.

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