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Delicacy with Taste of Bird Neck

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It is a typical local dish. According to a tale , when Wu Zetian ,the only empress in Chinese history, lived in Luoyang,a big turnip of dozens of kilograms, was found in a vegetable plot in the east of the city.The vegetable grower regarded this as a magical thing and consecrated it to Empress Wu Zetian .The cooks who serve for the imperial family cut it into filaments, After steaming with starch on them, some delicious flavor juice was sprinkled on. After the empress ate the dish, she felt its flavor unusually delicious which much resembled the flavors of bird's nest. She praised the dish profusely and bestowed the name “the delicacy of bird's nests ". And then the cooking method became known among the low society. And with the passage of time, it is named" the delicacy of bird's nests of Luoyang ",and still named so even today.


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