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Luoyang Tourism Products Shopping Center

Last updated by andy yen at 2017/6/21

Luoyang Tourism Products Shopping center is a professional shopping center for providing high-quality tourism products. Till now, it has received people from all walks of life and gained good reputations.

The main goods of this shopping center are tricolor glazed potteries of Tang Dynasty and Jun porcelains. Tricolor glazed potteries were first developed by folk artists of Tang Dynasty. They were defined as the works of arts of Tang Dynasty. And they were considered to be superior to any other artworks. Jun porcelains were developed in Yuzhou of Henan province in Song Dynasty. The saying Gold is valuable while Jun porcelains are invaluable demonstrates the important position of Jun porcelains. They list the top of all five famous porcelains in China.

Because of these two kinds' famous artworks, Luoyang Tourism products Shopping Center gets more and more flourishing.

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