Macau Historical Center

A brief introduction

Historical Center of Macau or Macau Historic Old Town Area is the old town historic district which composes of the 22 building in the Macau Peninsula and the eight adjacent former lands.

In the 29th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting on July 15, 2005, the Historic Centre of Macao unanimously adopted by the 21 member states and then formally included in the World Heritage List, which as the 31th world heritage of China.

Historical value

Historic Centre of Macao saves the history essence for four hundred years cultural exchange between Chinese and Western of Macau. It is an important witness of the disseminate history of the Western religious culture in China and the Far East. It is the oldest, the largest, the most complete saved and the largest concentration of buildings which coexisting styles of Eastern and Western in China.

It includes the oldest Church and Monasteries’ Ruins, the oldest Christian Cemeteries, the oldest Western-style Battery Path Buildings, the First Western-style Theater, the First Modern Lighthouse, and the first Western Universities.

As the European countries’ first territory in East Asia, the city witnessed Macao four hundred years’ history of Chinese culture and Western culture’ exchange, pluralistic coexistence. Most of the buildings in the city have the characteristics of both Chinese and Western for the communion of Chinese and Western cultures.

Attractions in the Historic Center of Macau

●Ma Temple

●The Port Authority Building (also commonly known as "Navy Factory")

●Zhengjia House(The former residence of the famous thinker Zheng guanying)

●St. Lawrence's Church

●St. Joseph's Seminary Building and Church

●Dom Pedro V Theatre

●Ho Tung Library

●St. Augustine Church

●IACM Building (Macau City Hall)

●Third Street Hall

●Holy House of Mercy

●Metropolitan Cathedral

●Lou Kau Mansion (Kam Yuk Tong)

●Rosary Church

●Ruins of St. Paul(famous as the Oriental Vatican)

●Nazha Temple

●Old City Walls

●Mount Fortress

●St. Anthony's Church

●Site of oriental the Foundation

●Christian Cemetery

●Guia Fortress

●Jesus Square

●The Front Land of Yapojing

●Senado Square

●the Front Land of Baigechao

Travel Guide

Ma Temple--- The Port Authority Building --- Zhengjia House—the Front Land of Yapojing-- St. Lawrence's Church--St. Joseph's Seminary and Church-- St. Augustine Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre and Ho Tung Library-- IACM Building-- Senado Square-- Third Street Hall-- Holy House of Mercy--Macau Metropolitan Cathedral-- Lou Kau Mansion-- Rosary Church-- Ruins of St. Paul-- Mount Fortress--The Museum of Macao-- Old City Walls-- Nazha Temple—the Front Land of Baigechao-- Christian Cemetery-- Guia Fort and Lighthouse--Our Lady of Guia Templar(on the peak of Guia Hill, the highest mountains in the Macau Peninsula)

In 400 years of its history, the Chinese people work together with the Portuguese in the Historic Center of Macau to create different living community. The communities’ atmosphere of warmth, honest and inclusive, which fermentation together by Chinese and Portuguese peoples, is the most unique and most valuable place in Macao.

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