Macau Museum

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Macau Museum, opened in April 18, 1998, is located on the Monte Fortress Mountain. Being a landmark building of Macau, the museum was designed by new and unique methods with outstanding distinguishing characteristics. It is a three-storey building with the first and second floor hidden inside the mountainside, the third floor exposed up above the mountain of the Monte Fortress.

Through different kinds of methods including the exhibition of relics, models, pictures, audio and video, Macau Museum is bound to display the history, culture, tradition of Macau to the visitors, together with the display of the past, present and future of Macau.

This comprehensive museum is designed to display the various outlook of life in Macau in different historical periods, from the appearance of the first village till now. All of the items on display are of high historical value, retaining the beautiful memory of old time social life for people. There are more than 3,000 pieces of displaying items altogether in the museum, most of which are genuine except only a few reproductions.

The first floor of the museum displays the local civilization of Macau, introducing the origin of Macau, the respective development history of China and Portugal before the time when Jorge Alvares (the first Portuguese reached China by waterway) reached the Pearl River Delta, the commercial trade and the religious and cultural exchanges between China and Portugal after they met in Macau, and the distinguishing unique culture of Macau that has been formed in hundreds of years.

The second floor displays the folk art and tradition of Macau. Visitors can come to understand the unique tradition and folk art of Macau, even some disappeared industries and activities. The displaying items are about to introduce you a concrete Macau in different historical periods, including the activities of entertainment, the everyday life styles, the religious rituals and celebrations and so on, so as to tell you that people of different cultures and races can live together in Macau, tolerating and learning from one another, and developing the unique and abundant life styles.

The distinguishing characteristics of Macau in modern era are on display on the third floor, from where visitor can see the unique features of Macau city and the great expectations of the Macanese for the future. What's more, numerous works of the writers who have close connections with Macau are also displayed there, including the works of the famous Portuguese writers Lufzde Cames and Camito de Almeida de Pessaha. The last part of the exhibition is the introduction of the prospect and opportunity of Macau as a special administrative region of P. R. China.

Solo Adventure Tips:


No.112, the foreland of Macau Museum (besides the site of Ruins of St. Paul)

How to Get There?

Ticket Price:

  • Adult: MOP15;
  • Children under 11 years old & senior citizens of more than 60 years old & students: MOP8;
  • Groups, school, and public organizations can get a preferential price.

Opening Hours:

10:00AM-6:ooPM (stops ticketing at 5:30PM)

More Tips:

It will be closed on Mondays (except public holidays)

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