Taipa Village

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Taipa Village features small and exquisite, which perfectly combines Chinese traditional element with Portuguese elment as one, and it’s a small village sitting on Tai Pa Island.

Highlights of Taipa Village

A number of fashionable stores, bars and restaurants line on either side of the narrow lanes and street of Taipa Village, where the ancient temples, ancient houses, old banyan trees, churches are also scattered, setting off with the modern public transportation system and large advertising boards, and it feels very exotic by just walking on the streets and hanging out for a while.

Gu’anye Street is worthy of your visit during your stay in Taipa Village, and it is very known for its various styles of delicious food, along which a number of traditional Chinese restaurants, Portuguese style restaurants, Macau style restaurant and Italian style restaurant are distributed, adding much luster to the village.


Nestled 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles) south of Macau Peninsula and covering an area of 6.33 square kilometers (2.44 square miles), Tai Pa Island watches Zhuhai across the sea, which measures 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) long and 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) wide with Greater Dang Mountain in the east, Little Dang Mountain in the west and plains in the middle.

As the highest peak of Tai Pa Island, the Greater Dang Mountain is 159.1 meters (522 feet) high above the sea level,and Bei’ao Mountain and Paotai Mountain are also available on the island.Tai Pa Island is connected with Macau Peninsular by a 2.5 -kilometer (1.6 -mile) long Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge and a 4.5-kilometer (2.8 -mile) long Friendship Bridge.

Tai Pa Island is very beautiful in natural scenery and has a simple and unsophisticated folk custom, where towns, villages, schools, gardens, casinos, churches, temples, graves and singsing and dancing halls are dotted, and Chinese, English and Portuguese and widely spoken on the island.

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Tai Pa Island, 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles) south of Macau Peninsula

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a sightseeing bus will take you there from Macau Peniusular

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All day long.

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