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Codfish Croquettes

Last updated by nancy at 2017/6/21

Bacalhau" in Portuguese language, is Portuguese’s favorite fish dish. It is widely used in Portuguese cuisine. The cod, after being applied with salt, is kept in sealed containers for preservation. When it is ready for cooking, you can just go to the container for it. The firm flashy cod meat is used in many dishes. Its fishbone is great for soup. No matter how many ways you cook it --- fry, stew, roast or boil, you simply cannot forget how yummy it tastes.

Codfish Croquettes’ key ingredient is the cod meat. Sweet potato powder, onion and green pepper are used proportionately to bring up flavors. Ball-shaped or flat-shaped, when they are cooked golden brown, they are tasteful and crunchy but won’t make you feel greasy.