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Portuguese style egg tart

Last updated by nancy at 2017/5/16

Portuguese-style egg tarts are a dearly loved desert in Macau. While the recipe is easy to follow, the method to make them is quite a challenge technically. The egg tarts are covered with crispy crusts with the yolk sitting on the top. The egg tarts’ flaky crusts and the soft fillings never fail to amaze the taste buds.

Egg tarts have two styles: the original and the Portuguese style. Caramel is not a feature in the original style as it is in the Portuguese style to enhance its tastiness. And the Portuguese style egg tarts enjoy a worldwide popularity. 

There are two famed egg tart bakeries in Macao: the Andrew’s and the Margaret’s. The two bakeries are named after a divorced couple, Andrew, the husband, Margaret, the wife. After their marriage breakdown, Andrew opened the bakery on the island of Coloane. His ex-wife, Margaret, opened another one to compete with him. While Andrew’s egg tarts are very tasty, Margaret’s egg tarts are more sugary. If you are torn between the two, try both and you’ll know whose egg tart is your favorite.