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Taipa Rua da Cunha (Cunha Food Street)

Last updated by tiamo256 at 2017/5/15

Taipa Rua da Cunha (the Portuguese for Cunhua Street) is a narrow but bustling street in the centre of Taipa Island. There are countless famed restaurants in Taipa Rua da Cunba Street that will provide you with plenty of traditional Chinese cuisine, especially Cantonese cuisine, and exotic cuisine like the Portuguese style, Italian style, French style and Korean style. Walking in the street, you don't have to worry about going hungry, the persistent sellers will keep offering you samples of their food as you walk from one shop to another. Anyway, you won't go back from the street with an empty stomach or empty hands, there are still a lot of shops selling dim sum like almond cakes, phoenix egg rolls, coconut flakes, and peanut candy. You can buy some of the dim sum back home for your families or friends.