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The Grand Canal Plaza

Last updated by go2c at 2017/5/19

Located on the third floor of Venetian Resort Hotel, the Grand Canal Plaza is the largest indoor shopping mall in Macau, acquiring a total area of 968,000 square feet and gathering more than 350 shopping stores, dozens of restaurants and especially three indoor canals, each of which has a length of 390 feet.

The whole plaza is covered by a fake sky, which can be coordinated with computerized lighting effects. Simulating the clouds and colors of the real sky, the lighting effects are able to create the vivid sunrise and sunset. With the streetscape, the canals, and the fake sky ideally matched together, an elegant and magnificent world is created, tourists in the plaza will have the instant feelings of walking on the ancient Venetian street.

Besides enjoying the exotic atmosphere in the plaza, you can also experience the world-class shopping pleasure. Most of the stores in the Grand Canal Plaza are world famous brands, including not only the restaurants like Bulefrog, 3 Monkeys, Itamae sushi, Lei Garden and Prime View, but also the world top fashion brands, such as Agnès b., Piaget, Tiffany & Co, Giorgio Armani, Clarins, Hogan etc.