Cameron Highlands

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Cameron Highland is 1,820 meters above sea level. Tourists can go there from Tapah in Perak State. This plateau was discovered by William Cameron, an English surveyor in 1885 and this place was named after him. He described this place as “a vortex in the mountains, while for a (reasonably) wide area we have gentle slopes and plateau land”. The highlands are covered with layers of mountains and valleys with picturesque and breathtaking scenery. In the beginning, tea farmers and forest planters were attracted to go there because they need cold weather to plant their crops. Later, many Chinese vegetable farmers also saw the potential of this land. Therefore, the economic development plans kept rolling in.

The Cameron Highlands can be divided into three main areas. Ringlet, which is 45 kilometers from Tapah, is the farming land for fruits and vegetables. Tanahrata is the residential town where tourist resorts, residential houses, villas and restaurants sprang like mushrooms. In Brinchang, which is 3 kilometers away from Tanah Rata, there is a luxurious international hotel and a 18-hole golf course. In addition, there are a number of various gardens in Brinchang, such as flower gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and tea planting gardens.

The main tourist sights at the Cameron Highlands include strawberry gardens, vegetable gardens, tea planting gardens, rose gardens and other attracting sights. This is the best place for purchasing fresh and inexpensive fruits and vegetables. There are many paths on the plateau where tourists can hike and visit randomly. It is ok if you want to climb the mountain for adventure, but beware of getting yourself lost in this verdant forest area.

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