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Langkawi, also known as Pulau Langkawi, it is known to the world for its beautiful beaches and crystal water. The most charming beach is Tanjung Rhu, where you can overlook the stunning landscape of nearby islands. When the tides fall, tourists can walk to those small islets to experience the unique sight.

Pregnant Maiden Lake is the largest lake on Langkawi. The high-rise mountain and the protrudent outline of rocks on the side of the lake are like a pregnant woman lying on her back. The names of the island and the lake were named after the legend of the marriage between a fairy and a mortal prince. Their first child died soon after birth, so the fairy buried the child in the crystal lake. Before she returned to her fairy land, she bestowed the lake with magic power, and made those women who are not able to bear babies get pregnant after bathing in the lake.

The Underwater World is a new tourist attraction in Langkawi, displaying the various fresh-water and sea-water fishes and marine creatures. It is located in Pantai Cenang and gathers more than 5,000 kinds of marine creatures, allocating and feeding in abut 100 tanks. A giant tank which contains sharks, ray fish, grouper, green sea turtle and other sea creatures is the most eye-catching one. There is a 15-feet-long tunnel where tourists can watch the marine creatures more closely. In addition, a fast-food-restaurant, a duty-free shopping corridor and shops, sell sea products such as shark fins, birds’ nest, dried scallops and oysters available.

Eagle Square is the latest landmark of Langkawi. It is located near Kuah Jetty. The scenery is beautiful there with lakes, bridges, terraces, restaurants, harbors and brick cylinder rooftop corridors. Due to its location near the sea, a leisurely stroll is very pleasant accompanied by the soft breeze. It is romantic to have a dinner in such a tranquil environment. The feature of the square is a giant eagle statue. The view is especially beautiful when illuminated at night.

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