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Penang is also called George Town and it is the capital City of Penang Island. It is located in the northeastern tip of Penang Island. In Penang, many ancient religious buildings look sacred in the sunshine, so Penang is reputed as the Pearl of the Orient by tourists. Penang is renowned for its dense Areca palms on the island, so it also has the reputation of “Emerald on the Indian Ocean”. Penang boasts beautiful beaches, rural scenery and numerous ancient ruins. Penang is also a paradise for gourmets. The same as Singapore and Hong Kong, Penang is also a shopping paradise for tourists. Local residents are mostly Chinese. Deeply influenced by the architectural style of Britain, the buildings inside the city are of obvious European styles and the tourist attractions are relatively concentrated.

Penang is famous for its dense Areca palms on the island. The whole island has verdant vegetation, numerous stream and waterfalls dotted with gardens and parks. In addition, there are temples, churches and villas of various architectural styles and the diverse Malaysian cultures, contributing to the fast development of Penang’s tourism industry and making Penang one of the main tourist destinations in Malaysia. There, tourists can also enjoy numerous beach activities. The attractions shouldn’t be missed are the huge and magnificent Kek Lok Si Temple and the Penang Hill wit the style British colony. It only takes about 45 minutes by flight from Kuala Lumpur and tourists can also go there by boat. Penang has a developed transportation network of marine, land and air, ranking as one of the major harbors of Malaysia.

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in the northeastern tip of Penang Island

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