Snake Temple

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Established in 1850 in the north of Penang International Airport, Snake Temple is a Chinese-style temple. It is also called “Green Dragon Temple” and is famous for a number of poisonous snakes inside it, which is rare in the whole world. According to the legend, once upon a time, there was a Buddhist monk named Chen Puzu of China. He obtained high spiritual attainment and brilliant medical skills after many years of practice and discipline. He also disseminated his knowledge and skills to many of his disciples. Therefore, he was called “Chor Soo Kong” by other people who respected him. Later, one of his disciples came to Penang, where he healed people and saved lives by using the learned medical skills in the name of Chor Soo Kong. Soon the reputation of Chor Soo Kong spread all over the island and Malaysia. The temple was built in memory of Chor Soo Kong. It is said that there was not any trace of snakes in the temple at all in the beginning. But when the temple was completed, snakes appeared on their own accord. After that, every year on Chor Soo Kong's birthday (January 6 of the traditional Chinese calendar), even more snakes appear on this day. Thus, the temple gradually got its name “Snake Temple”. It is perhaps the only temple of its kind in the world. Every year, there are some celebrations held there, such as the celebration of Jade Emperor’s birthday.

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