Tioman Island

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Tioman Island is located about 30 kilometers away from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is the largest island among the Volcano Islands and the tourism has become prosperous there. Tioman Island is especially favored by visitors from Singapore which is a neighboring country of Malaysia. It is noted as a diving paradise because the sea water is extremely limpid there, and people can see as deep as 13 meters into the sea with your own naked eyes.

Blue, green and white, the beauty of Tioman Island lies in its harmonious underwater world. Either beginner or experienced divers will be fascinated about it. The period from April till October is the best time for diving at Tioman Island. Besides, there are many water activities people can enjoy, such as sailing, jet skiing, banana boating, canoeing, surfing and speed boats. Those who don’t want to get into water can go on a jungle adventure near Genting Sempah. In the primitive jungles, visitors can hike among the intertwining wild vines, listen to the chirps and sounds of birds and insects and watch the blooming wild flowers, naughty monkeys and sidling leguans. Visitors can experience the wonder and wildness of the jungle either by hiking or riding a donkey. Tioman Island is located not far from Singapore, so travelers can also take a high speed boat from Singapore direct to Tioman Island. The boat ride takes 4 hours for a single trip.

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located about 30 kilometers away from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

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