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Malaysia Food

Last updated by joyce at 2017/5/16

Food is an indispensable topic among Malaysian people who enjoy eating out and choose different foods in different seasons. Malaysia boasts the most diverse types of food in Asia and the various cooking methods. Eating out is a gourmet adventure. From strong-flavored Malaysian cuisine to sizzling Chinese cuisine and spicy Indian food, you have a wide range of choices. In addition, the unique Peranakan or Nyonya blends the essence of cooking styles of Chinese and Malaysian cuisines.

The ingredients of Malaysian foods are usually materials grown at home, such as coconuts, pepper, citronella, pineapple, spice and curry powder which are all the basic materials for cooking fish, meat and vegetables. A famous Malaysian food that shouldn’t be missed is Sate (or called Satay); thick meat slices are preserved in special made ingredients, skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled on charcoal fire, and then consumed with peanut butter.

Another famous local food is Roti Canai (a kind of Indian pancake). It is a crispy pancake made from flour powder and baked on iron pans. Don’t forget to drink a cup of Teh Tarik (pulled tea). The tea is poured to a cup high from another cup to make it taste fresher.

Malaysia abounds with various tropical fruits, either seasonal or non-seasonal, such as Mangosteen, which has white and juicy flesh that tastes sweet. You can also have a taste of durians which have the reputation of “King of Fruits” for its unique and strong flavor. If you desire to feel closer to the local life of Malaysia, you can have a taste of the open-air food on booths where tourists will enjoy various inexpensive and delicious local foods. Some small restaurants with big projected screens playing football matches are also popular. Coffee shops called “Kopitiam” are interesting places worth visiting. You can also check out the pulley cars that vendor snacks and drinks.

Malaysia is a paradise for gourmets. Cuisines and flavors from around the world are available, such as Chinese, Indian and Portuguese cuisines. However, the most important cuisine is the local Malaysian food. There are also restaurants that offer Italian, French, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Middle Eastern cuisines, which provide more choices for the gourmet. Vegetarian restaurants are available in most big cities, mainly serving Chinese or Indian vegetarian food.

Besides rice, Sambal (a chili and shrimp based sauce) is Malaysian’s another staple food. Shrimps are fermented, made into shrimp sauce, mixed with pepper, and put into a stone mortar for crushing, and add some lime juice to add it a little medicinal flavor. This is how to made Sambal. A basic meal is composed of rice, sambal and vegetables. If you add onion, garlic, ginger, spice seeds, dried small fish and other materials, you will enjoy a relatively rich meal. Besides, a famous dish which is representative of Malaysian cuisine is called “Satay”. There are a number of various popular Malaysian foods, including sour prawn, coconut juice rice (made of rice, meat and vegetables), Nyonya (fruits mixed with sweet and spicy condiments), sour and spicy fish and the like. A common dish for Malaysian households is made by frying eggs, beans, marrowfat peas, shrimps, fish and meat on fire.

There are a variety of desserts, including cassava cake, fried bananas and fragrant and sweet tropical fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, bananas, pineapples, watermelons, durians and kiwi fruits. Coconut juice is the main drink. Muslims are forbidden to drink alcoholics, but there are some Malaysian made beer domestically that enjoys a large popularity. Many imported beer brands are also available.

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