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Malaysia Weather

Last updated by joyce at 2017/5/16

Located near the equator, Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate influenced by maritime air mass. There is no obvious distinction between the four seasons. There is a small change of temperatures, with the annual temperatures ranging from 26℃ to 29℃. The annual rainfall is abundant with the rainy seasons from October to December. It is suitable to travel in Malaysia all year round. Though it is hot during the day time, sometimes there are showers in the afternoon, and you will feel cool in the evening with the monsoon winds blowing.

The weather in Penang in the northern part of Malaysia is especially comfortable during day and night with cool breeze. In the eastern coast of Malaysia and East Malaysia, the rainy seasons fall from November to March of the following year. It is very hot in April, May and October, thus tourists who don not like the hot weather had better avoid this period. The annual precipitation in West Malaysia ranges from 2000 to 2500 mm and it is over 3000 mm in East Malaysia. There is the least rainfall in June and July. The rainfall is concentrated in August, September, October and December. If you have business plans, it is better to come during the period from March till November because most Malaysian business people go on a holiday from December to the following February. It is not suggested to visit during the period of Christmas or Easter Day. Meanwhile, you should avoid Muslim’s month of fast and the new year of the Chinese people.