Arctic Village

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The Arctic Village is one of the most amazing destinations in Mohe, China. This is an ideal place for individuals who would like to do an exploration of new places on their own. At the same time, families who intend to have some quality time together would also have a blast in this place, especially when they got the kids with them. 
The overall atmosphere of Arctic Village is very relaxing due to the quintessential homes and chic commercial establishments. This place is also labeled as China’s North Pole because of its undeniable splendor, especially when the area is covered with thick layer of snow. During winter, this place looks more like a fantasy land because of its picturesque view. 

Things to Do 

Enjoying the Snow

The temperature in Mohe can get really cold during the winter months. In fact, this location is recognized as the coldest place in all of China. According to record, the temperature in Arctic Village can go as low as -45 degrees centigrade. 
The best time to go to Arctic Village is during the cold, winter months. In this season, tourists have so many things to do. There is an area that is dedicated for snow sports like skiing and ice skating. For those who want to have simple yet enjoyable activities especially for the kids, merely stepping outside will enable them to enjoy snowball fights or making snow angels and snowman. 

Catching Fish

Since the surroundings of the Arctic Village remain frozen for several months every year, the locals have found their way to cope with the seasons. People who live here have amazing abilities when it comes to catching fish even during the winter season. Yes, the people in this place show visitors a whole new meaning to the concept of fishing. They do it by digging a hole in the ice to be able to catch some fish. Visitors may get the chance to observe or even learn these techniques when they stay in Arctic Village. 

Village Attractions

There are also nearby attractions which visitors can check out while they are in Arctic Village. Among which are the Beichu Pavillion, and Zhonhua Beichu which can be found close to the northern boarder of China. These places enable guests to to discover more about the natural beauty that Mohe has to offer. 
To be able to dig deeper into the rich culture of Mohe, there are also interesting landmarks within this place such as the Arctic Village Stone Tablet and the northernmost post office. For people who would like to spend a blissful time outdoors, the perfect place to be is the Orogen folk custom park. 

Heilongjiang River

The Heilongjiang River is another attraction which can be found near the Arctic Village. This is also labeled as a Sino-Russian boundary river because it is situated in the northern part of China. This river is the convergence point of various bodies of water such as the Shilka River which is from the foothills of Mount Kent and Argun River which is from the Great Hinggan Mountains. Yes, the Heilong River is the meeting point of different water systems which come from both the south and north part of China. 
This river also contributes in the beauty of Arctic Village because it runs along the village. It also covers the distance which includes Russia, China and Outer Mongolia. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located in the northernmost boundary of China, in Mohe County. It is situated in far northwest of Heilongjiang.

How to Get There?

Take the train from Harbin to Jiagedaqi and the entire trip would last about 9 hours. After this, take another train which goes directly to Mohe and the travel time takes about 10 hours.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

All year round

More Tips:

When going to the Arctic Village, it is important to bring extra thick clothing which will be the protection against the cold weather. 

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