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Mohe Weather

Last updated by shyoto at 2017/4/25

Mohe is the northernmost city in China, and has the coldest weather in China. It has a long winter which is dry and extremely cold. During summer Mohe has most of its rainfall and the longest days in China. Weather changes frequently during spring and autumn, and temperatures often experience a sharp drop during autumn. As a result, the best time for travelling to Mohe is in summer, unless you are coming to see the winter scenery.

Summer in Mohe is very short, and seems to only last for about half a month around the middle of July. Mohe is known as "the Sleepless Town" because of its long days and short nights during summer. The longest daytime can reach 19 hours. The most important thing is that tourists will have the chance to witness the charm of the northern lights in Arctic Village. Mohe is the only place where people are able to witness the northern lights in China.
Recommended Attraction: Arctic Village, Yanzigou

Mohe in winter is severely cold, and lasts for a long period, from September to May. Therefore, if you have decided to visit Mohe during winter, you’d better bring more than enough warm gear. Your mobile phone, camera and other electronic equipment might not work in the cold weather. During winter, the most interesting things are the vast snowscape, the ice lanterns in Mohe, and the ice sculpture exhibitions.