Inle Lake

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Inle Lake, located on Shan Plateau in the east of Myanmar, is the second largest and the most beautiful plateau lake of Myanmar. Inle Lake is also called “Dream Lake” and “magic lake”. According to the legend, it was the home of the fairy named Inthas. It is also the famous tourist summer resort of Myanmar. It is 900 meters above see level and covers an area of 1,450,000 square kilometers, 22 kilometers from north to south and 11 kilometers from east to west. Inle Lake has abundant aquatic resources and there live a variety of fishes in the lake. Around Inle Lake, there are a number of waterways where over 200 villages scattered. The unique buildings are the great attractions there. Inle Lake, located in the south of Taunggyi and over 30 kilometers away from Taunggyi that is the capital city of Shan State. Inle Lake is ringed on three sides by mountains. The tropical plants around the lake are prosperous, making the scenery charming and beautiful and attracting numerous tourists to spend their holidays there.

Besides, it is surprising scenery that a number of vegetable gardens float on the lake. These vegetable gardens are also called floating islands by local people. They rise and fall with the waters of the lake. The vegetables on the island are never affected by the surge or the dry weather. There are two kinds of floating islands on the lake, including the natural floating islands and the man-made floating islands, which are all lands floating on water. In order to make a living, the local people gathered the floating water plants, duckweeds and climbing plants and cover them with the mud of the lake, making new floating islands. The floating islands range from 0.4 kilometers to 1 square meter. The local people plant various vegetables and grains on the islands. As the soil of the islands is rich, the vegetables and the crops flourish there. Besides, there are also a variety of fishes around the floating islands, they can also catch fish while planting.   

The climate is nice and cool on and near Inle Lake. Every year, countless tourists from home and abroad flock there to appreciate the fantastic floating islands, the largest water market of Burma, the unique skill of foot boat and the natural beauty of lakes and mountains. Tourists can go sightseeing around the lake by boat and appreciate the scenery along the lake as well as the Buddhist pagodas.

In the center of the lake, there is a fixed man-made island where there built a Buddhist pagoda of Burma style. The golden pagoda looks magnificent and elegant with the green water of the lake.

Best Visiting Time

The seasons of Inle Lake include cool seasons, dry seasons and rainy seasons. The cool seasons, lasting from October to the following March, are the best time for visiting the lake when the weather is pleasant with the average temperature of about 25℃ in the day. The dry seasons last from April to July when the weather is very hot. The rainy seasons last from July to September when it often rains.

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As Inle Lake is located in plateau, there is large temperature difference between day and night. Thus, tourists should wear warm clothes while taking a boat, especially in the morning or in the evening.

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