King Palace

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King Palace, also known as Cultural Museum, is located in the center of Mandalay City. It used to be the palace of the Konbaung Dynasty, the last feudal dynasty of Myanmar. King Palace was destroyed by a fire in the Second World War. In the year 1989, the King Palace was restored according to historical pictures and materials by Myanmar government. After that, 89 main palace halls were restored. In September 1996, the King Palace was open to public.

King Palace, built with red brick walls, is square in shape with the side length of 3.2 kilometers. There are 4 main gates and 8 side entrances. In the palace, there are 104 palace halls of various sizes. The whole wood-structure architectural complex is exquisite and magnificent.

In King Palace, tourists never miss these two attractions, including the 33-meter-tall lookout tower and the museum. Standing on the top of the tower, the landscape of the whole palace and the City will come into view. In the museum, there exhibited a number of collections once used by the King of Myanmar, such as a few furniture, the court costumes, photos and the art of Buddhism. It is the unique place to know about the history of Myanmar. Besides, in the palace, there are also a number of various buildings, such as the main hall where the king summoned officials and the royal residences.

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