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Mandalay is the second largest city of Myanmar with a population of over 800,000 and it’s also the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Myanmar. It is 445 miles (716 km) north of Yangon on the eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River. Mandalay means “the city full of treasures” in Pali. Mandalay used to be the capital of many dynasties in ancient times. Mandalay becomes famous for its various ancient monuments and religious buildings. There are a number of tourist attractions and historic spots in Mandalay that worth visiting, including Mandalay Hill, King Palace, Unique Temple, Golden Temple and Lover’s Bridge. Mandalay area was recognized as a world cultural heritage by the United Nations.

Mandalay got its name for the reason that it backs on Mandalay Hill. Mandalay Hill, located in the northeast of the city, is 260 meters above sea level. On the hill, there are a number of exquisite Buddhist temples, pagodas and monument. It is regarded as one of the Buddhist shrines and tourist resorts of Myanmar.

Mandalay is a beautiful and lively city of Myanmar and it’s also the central trade centre of Myanmar. In Mandalay, cinema halls, beauty salons, spas and karaoke lounge can be seen in the street. Besides, a number of famous astrologers and palmists can be found in the city.

Mandalay enjoys a semi-tropical climate and is located in the arid region in the middle part of the country. Its winter is cold and dry, lasting from November to February. Summer is from March to May. It gets much less rain and the annual rainfall reaches 863 millimeters every year, mainly concentrated from May to October. The temperature in January averages 20℃ and the hottest weather falls in April with the average temperature of 33.9℃.

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Railway: There are mainly two railway stations in Mandalay, including the new Yadanarbon Central Railway Station in downtown area and the old station on the south of the new one. There are trains between Yangon and Mandalay every day.

Air: There are flights between Yangon and Mandalay every day. Passengers could take flights from Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways and Burma Air. Besides, due to the International Airport in Mandalay, there are also direct flights between Mandalay and some other countries.  

Motorbike and Bicycle: There are a large number of motorbikes in Mandalay. It’s very easy and convenient to travel by motorbike there. Thus, tourists can rent motorbikes easily in Mandalay. Besides, travelling by bicycle is also a good choice for tourists in Mandalay.

Express: There are expresses between Yangon and Mandalay and some other parts of the country.

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