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Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and used to be the capital of Myanmar. It is also the political, economic and cultural center of Myanmar. Yangon has the total population of about 5,000,000 and covers an area of about 312 square miles. Yangon is celebrated as “the city of peace”. Yangon is located in the fertile Irrawaddy Delta. It is a beautiful seashore city with beautiful tropical scenery, facing Bago River on its east and Yangon River on its south. Yangon looks like a huge park brimming with various plants, flowers and Buddhist pagodas. In the streets of Yangon, the barefoot Buddhist monks wearing red cassocks can be seen walking here and there.

Yangon enjoys a marine climate with the average temperature of 25℃. It has abundant rainfall every year. The climate is quite agreeable with three distinctive seasons, including the hot seasons, the rainy seasons and the cool seasons. The temperature during the hot seasons averages about 33 ℃. In Yangon, the best time ranges from October to the following February with blooming flowers and cool weather.

In Yangon, there are a number of golden or white-stone Buddhist pagodas, among which, the world-famous golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, which began to be built 2,500 years ago, is the country's holiest shrine and the most valuable masterwork of the Buddhist buildings in the world with the longest history. It is several hundred meters tall and is surrounded by 64 small pagodas. The whole golden Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with gold leaf and the top of the pagoda is cast in gold and jewelled with numerous diamond and precious stones, making the pagoda look resplendent and splendid.

There are a number of various tourist attractions in Yangon. For example, in the northwest of the Shwedagon Pagoda, there is a giant bronze bell weighing 25 ton. The bell was built in 1778 and is the precious cultural relics of Burma. Besides, there is also a zoo and a botanical garden near the Shwedagon Pagoda that are worthwhile to visit. In the center of Yangon City, there is a Bandura Square that is named after the national hero of Burma. On the square, there stands an elegant Suli Buddhist Pagoda, which is also called White Pagoda or Small Golden Pagoda, dating back to over 2,000 years ago. In the 47-meter-tall pagoda, there preserved some remains of Sakyamuni Buddha who is the founder of Buddhism. In the north of the Suli Buddhist Pagoda, there stands an independent monument with the height of 45 meters. Near the Bandura Square, there is also a marvelous waterfront restaurant.

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