Gela Dangdong

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Attraction Introduction The origin water of the Yangtze River is from these sacred glaciers. The origin place of the Yangtze River lies in big Gela Dangdong ice peak in Tangula Mountain, south of Qinghai Province. These amazing places have already set up a mysterious monument in people’s heart.

In fact, the origin area includes Gela Dangdong peak,Jiangen Diru Glacier and Tuotuo River, the upriver of Yangtze River. In Tibetan, Jiangen Diru, with an elevation of 6,542 meters, means the mountain people cannot climb over. The water melting from Jiangen Diru is the origin of Yangtze River. Gela Dangdong, with an elevation of 6,621 meters, means High Mountain in Tibetan.

The water melts from these two giant glaciers all year round and just like the fresh water from two reservoirs. So people also call these two mountains mother of the rivers. Drive along Qinghai-Tibet Road to Lhasa, you have to cross the pass in Tangula Mountain range.

Gela Dangdong just lies in the west of the pass, which is the main peak of Tangula Mountains. You can find a monument carved with the words ORIGIN PLACE OF CHANGJIANG at the bank of TuoTuo River. But in fact the real origin place, Jiangu Diru Glacier, is about two or three hundreds miles away from the monument.

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