Xainza Nature Reserve kingdom of birds

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Brief introduction Xainza Nature Reserve is the birds’ paradise, teeming with more than 120 kinds of birds. It is also the highest (in elevation) and the biggest (in area) of the seven nature reserves for black-necked cranes. Xainza Nature Reserve lies on the lake-basin belts in the southern Changtang Plateau, covering an area of 40,000 square kilometers. Because its location is in south somewhat and its elevation is lower than the north and the middle of Changtang Plateau, the temperature there is a little higher. The annual rainfall there is 300 millimeters. Thanks to the supply of thawy glacier and snow of Gangdese Mountains, the lake water has been free from mineralization; in addition, the lush grass and the inland rivers has formed good inland wetland and water ecological system. These make Xainza Nature Reserve favorable for aquatic organisms and aquatic birds to propagate and live and what’s more, make it an ideal habitat for black-necked cranes under the top-level of state protection.

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When you come to Xainza Nature Reserve, please protect the local environment-the home for birds.

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