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Nagqu Shopping

Nagqu Local Products:

Special products in Nagqu mainly include jak, north Tibet sheep, ghee, dried meet, trachoma, aweto, caladium, snow lotus flower.

North Tibet Hsueh Lien Hua (snow Lotus Flower)

Hsueh-lien-hua, grows at an elevation between 4,800 and 6,000 meters in the gaps of the everlasting snow covered rock, is kind of medicinal herb in composite family. The natural pure wild Snow Lotus Flower is an antipyretic and detoxicating medicine It has lots of medicinal functions, such as eliminating cold, fortifying >yang>, warm the womb and so on, mainly cures the rheumatic arthritis, the back sour lumbago, the kidney empty sexual impotence, the abnormal menstruation, the womb is cold and the flesh wound hemorrhage and other symptoms. So it is one of the rare herbs in the snow covered altiplano. Tips: 50 g of Snow Lotus Flower and 500 ml of wine mix together for a period of ten days. A drinking of everyday 30-50ml is appropriate. Also you can take 9-15g Snow Lotus Flower for boiling, drinking the flower extract will benefit you. If you are wounded, just grind the flower into flour and apply the flour to your wound.

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In Qinghai-Tibet altiplano, at the elevation between 3,500 and 6,000 meters, there grows a kind of mysterious creature, which is aweto. As the name suggests, aweto is like a worm in winter, while in summer, it turns into a kind of grass. From the ancient time, Aweto is a precious tonic in classic Chinese medicine, also an ideal remedy of treating long-time cough and weakness, asthma, sputum with blood, ache of knees and waist as well as impotence and emission. The tonic also has a great potential of preventing and fighting against cancer and promoting beings' immune capability. Aweto, together with Panax and pilose antler of a young stag is one of the three top tonics in China. But because of the strict requirement of the growing geography and the complicated autoeciousness surroundings, the source of aweto is very rare. And also the picking is not easy, so the price of the aweto is very high, higher than Panax and pilose antler of a young stag. Tips: It is fit to be braised with chi

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Nagqu Shops and Stores:

The main markets in Nagqu are clustered around the Zhejiang Road and Changtang Road. Travel souvenirs, local specialities and daily necessities can be bought at these markets.

Nagqu Carpet Factory

The main products of this factory are carpet, arras, cushion, lazyback and other tourism products. All the products with more than 160 kinds are made of pure north Tibet wool. These products enjoy high reputation both in art and usage.