Nanchang Bayi Uprising Memorial Hall

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Memorial Hall to August 1 Nanchang Uprising is a national protected unit. This building was used to be a local hotel called "Jiangxi Great Hostel". In the late of July in 1927, the uprising army rented this whole hostel and held a meeting in "Happy Event Hall". During the meeting, CPC Front Line Committee came into being and Zhou Enlai became the secretary of the committee. On August first, CPC started Nanchang Uprising which surprised the world. After that, several meetings were held here and it turned into the command center of the uprising. In 1957, it was kept as "Memorial Hall to August 1 Nanchang Uprising". The title of the memorial hall was written by marshal Chen Yi. In 1997, the Memorial Hall was chosen as one of the one hundred national model bases of patriotic education. Jiang Zeming, the Secretary-general of the Central Committee of CPC, wrote the words "the first army flag rose here" to the memorial hall.

While devoted to the collecting and research of the collections, the memorial hall also did some repair and face-lifting to the site of command center as well as some updating and improvement to the exhibition. Combining sound, light and electricity, a big sand table is used to show the battle of the August 1 Uprising. Multimedia is used to tell the story of "Zhu De's Strategy". By the modern methods of electric chart, painting and sculpture, the exhibition has been enriched. New displays combining with restored ones, the whole exhibition is more vivid and effective. The stone inscription "the first army flag rose here" wrote by Jiang Zeming at the eve of 70th anniversary of the army is used as the prelude of the exhibition, which is impressive to the visitors.

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