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Poyang Lake Lion Heads

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/21

Poyang Lake Lion Heads is a famous dish in Nanchang. Made by special method, it is soft and tasty.

Method to cook the dish

1, Cut taro into small cubes and add some salt to make them soft. Chop the pork into the shape of rice. Mix pork, taro, water chestnut (minced), ham (minced), dried scallop threads, ginger (minced) and egg together. Add dried farina, salt, sauce soy and pepper. Divide it into four parts. Put one salt yolk into each part and the “lion heads” comes into being.

2, Heat a wok with some salad oil. When the salad oil is warm, put in Lion heads and deep fry until golden. Add some soup stock until cover lion heads. Add some salt, alcohol, sauce soy, shallot and ginger. Braise it for about two hours.

3 Take it out and pick out the shallot. Heat the wok with some water until get it boiled Add some oil and put in vegetable, salt, chicken essence seasoning, monosodium glutamate. Fried them for a moment and take them out to a soup plate. Put the original soup of Lion heads in the wok. Put Lion’s heads on the vegetable. Thicken with starchy solution. Sprinkle lion heads with oil and the dish is ready.