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Nanchang Shopping

Nanchang Local Products:

Nanchang Pottery Plate Figure

Nanchang pottery plate figure is a special achievement on industrial art. Combining skills home and abroad, it has a long history. It is rooted well among Nanchang folk. Handicraftsmen in industrial art companies make the figures group by group; many folk handicraftsmen also earn a living on porcelain-plate figures. In those big or small shops, the vivid pottery figures hung from high places, making visitors full of beautiful things in eyes. Of local style, these figures have strong impression of art on people. The figures are vivid and of great color contract. The procedure of pottery figure is quite strict: firstly, draw outline on white porcelain. Secondly, modify the outline and perfect it. Thirdly, put a transparent glaze over the surface. Lastly, put them in kiln and finalize the design through high temperature. With protective glaze, those pottery figures are able to endure dampness, solarization and fading.

Huazhiyuan Honey

The nectar of flowers and the secretion of bees are mixed together to form Huazhiyuan honey, which is transparent, semi-transparent or crystal, with toughness. According to Shennong’s Herbal and An Outline Treatise of Medical Herbs, honey is good for the spirit, eliminate evil heat and improve health. According to modern medical, honey contains more than 180 kinds of enzyme, aminophenol, vitamin and microelements. It can improve immunity and enhance the regeneration of cells, resist caducity and improve blood supply.

Magic Fungus From Chayuan Hill

From Chayuan hill in Meiling tourist zone of Nanchang city, it is tighten and slender, with much hair. It is green and fresh. The bottom of the leaves are bright and the soup is clear.

Anyi Loquat

Loquat from Anyi County, Nanchang City is delicious and special. The fruit is round, with thin coat and thick flesh. It is juicy, sweet and a little acid. It is also very nutritious, containing rich protein, fat, vitamin C, sugar, Ca, M and Fe.

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