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Nanchang Transport

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Nanchang has always been the transportation hinge in east China. It is also an important distributing center for tourists in and out Jiangxi. With an advanced traffic network of railway, road, air and water, the transportation in Nanchang is quite convenient.

Air Transport

Nangchangchangbei international airport is 23 kilometers far away from city area and connected with highway. Every week, there are about 100 scheduled Flights and 25 flight course including Nanchang to Beijing , Fuzhou, Guangzhou , Haikou , Shenzhen , Xiamen , Wenzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai , Hongkong and so on.

Railway Transport

Connected to other places by Beijing -Kowloon railway and Zhejiang - Jiangxi railway, Nanchang railway station has more than one hundred passenger trains departed from or passed by everyday.

The telephone number of Nanchang railway station: 0791-16826099

Address: No 211, Two Seven North Road, Nanchang City


Nanchang - Jiujiang highway and Nanchang - Zhangshu highway are two important roads connecting the banks of Gan River. From Nanchang, there are buses to about 100 big and middle cities in other provinces, such as Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Nanjing , Hefei and Yiwu; there are also buses to cities and towns in Jiangxi Province.

Telephone Number of Nanchang Bus Station: 0791-6263265

Address: No 161, Bayi Road

City Transportation

Public Bus

There are various kinds of public buses, autobuses and taxi covering all the roads and scenic spots of Nanchang . They are reliable, safe and cheap. The available time for public bus is from 6 AM to 7:30 PM. Passengers have to wait for public bus at the station, where the detailed routes can be found. All the public buses are all of automated collection. There are also some special route buses, rented buses and tour buses.


Some of the buses are one-way or inside-outside circular buses. Please ask the driver or assistant for information when you take this kind of buses.


Most of the taxis are Santana, while some are Fukang and Jieda. Generally speaking, taxis here offers good service while charges low price. The flag-fall price is RMB6/2 km. In general, it takes less than 10 yuan to travel in the city area by taxi.