Bailu Zhou Islet Park

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The ancient Bailu Islet (Egret Islet), which got the name for the crowded egrets, located in the Changjiang River(Yangtze River) 25 kilometers west of Nanjing City. And the famous poet Libai in Tang Dynasty once described the place by the well-known sentence which means the river was divided into two by Bailu Islet. The Bailu Zhou Park nowadays locates in the East Garden of Xu Da, Zhongshan Emperor of Ming Dynasty. Hence the park got the name one for Libai’s poem, another for the East Garden location. Bailu Zhou Park wasn’t kept well until the renovation of Qinhuai River in 1951. The park was enlarged, the buildings were repaired and some bridges, pavilions and towers were built.

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It is located in the north side inside the south Wuding Gate of Nanjing city, and the south of Lishe Bridge along Qinhuai River as well as ancient Taoye Du (Taoye Ferry)

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No. 14. 23. 43. 87. 88. 301. 304

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the whole day

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