Jiming Temple

Jiming Temple was founded in 300 AD during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The temple is one of the famous ancient temples in Nanjing and the only one monastery in the southeast coastal area. It is said that Emperor Liang Wu Di used to live here like real monks for four times with a name of Emperor Bodhisattva.

jiming temple


There is a legend about Jiming Temple. Long ago, there was a fierce  entrenched on the Jiuhua Mountain by the side of Xuanwu Lake. The could spout powerful and poison fire from its mouth to hurt the passersby and domestic animals. The Jade Emperor heard of it and appointed the golden rooster who heralded the break of day to deal with the event.

When the golden rooster descended to the human world, he saw the centipede attacking humans. The golden rooster stood on the top of Beijige crowing at the centipede. The centipede was scared by the roar and escaped. But he didn’t resign to be failed, the centipede climbed up the mountain again and spouted the poison fire more powerful.

Then the golden rooster rushed to the centipede and attacked it. After a fierce battle, the centipede was pecked to death and the golden rooster was poisoned seriously. From then on, people named the temple “Jiming Temple” (Jiming means crow of the rooster) on the top of Beijige Mountain to be in memory of the golden rooster.

What to Do

The Sakura on the sides of the Road

When the spring comes, especially from late March to early April, visitors can appreciate the blooming Sakura on the trees and ground. The white and pink Sakura makes it so romantic like a scene in the movie. When breezing, visitors can see the Sakura fluttering in the air.

Experience the Temple Atmosphere

jiming temple

The Jiming Temple is a very renowned Buddhist temple in Nanjing. When visitors pass the gate, three incense sticks will be given to worship the god. As the other temple in China, the Jiming Temple is peaceful and tranquil. Visitors will be informed by the caretaker to go round the building thrice.

There is a pagoda in the temple. On the top of the pagoda, visitors can get a clear view of the city’s skyscrapers because it is one of the highest places in Nanjing city.

Nearby Attractions

Jiming Temple is on the bank of the charming Xuanwu Lake. It is famous for the five isles and ten scenes in the scenic spot. Visitors can get different view in Xuanwu Lake Park.

Solo Adventure Tips:


On the bank of Xuanwu Lake

How to Get There?

1. Tourism 1, 3, 31, 15, 48, 70 to Jiming Temple;
2. 3, 20, 15, 31, 52 to Beiji Hall;

Ticket Price:

At ordinary times: 10Yuan/person
In the period of Chinese New Year: 20Yuan/person

Opening Hours:

8: 00 to 17: 30
Open in the evening only on the day before 19th, Feb, 19th, Jun and 19th, Sep of Chinese lunar year and New Year’s Eve.

More Tips:

The best time to visit Jiming Temple is from late March to early April. During this time, visitors can appreciate the blooming Sakura.

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