Linggu Temple

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Linggu Temple (灵谷寺) is one of Nanjing's famous scenic spots. It claims to be the best Buddhist temple in the world and situated to the east of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum. It was built in the Liang Dynasty (502-557), one of the Southern Dynasties (420-589). Over time, the name of the temple has changed several times. Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), gave it the current name of ‘Linggu Temple'.

What to Do

Enjoy the Fresh Air and Tranquil Environment

Linggu Temple is located in the southeast slope of the Purple-Golden Mountain. For visitors, it is a nice place to escape from the busy city and the polluted air.

The temple has a comfortable environment. The temple is hugged by the sweet fragrance and the old green trees. Visiting the Linggu Temple, the visitors always seize the chance to climb the Linggu Pagoda. The 8-storey pagoda is not tall but when climbing to the top, visitors will get a panoramic view of the Purple-Golden Mountain.

Non-beam Hall is also a highlight in Linggu Temple. It is the only ancient building preserved in the Linggu Temple. The hall has no beam and no rafter and is built using the bricks, so it is called Non-beam Hall. It is a cemetery for the victims of the wars. The Non-beam Hall is the earliest and the largest scale among the similar buildings.

Enjoy the Vegetarian Diet

The temple is famous for the vegetarian diet besides the scenery and the human sites. There is a vegetarian restaurant named Shensong House in the Linggu Temple scenic spot. The vegetarian diet has been renowned for over 600 years. The ingredients are carefully chosen and the chefs are with good cooking skill. With the advantages of the restaurant, the dishes taste better than that with meat.

Enjoy the Nightscape of Linggu Temple

The Linggu Temple is natural seeing from the plants in the daytime. When visiting at night, visitors can find something surprising. Visitors can see many fireflies fly among the grass. It is hard to see this beautiful phenomenon nowadays. July is the mating season of the firefly, so if visitors come to Linggu Temple in this time, it will be a picturesque sight.

Nearby Attractions

The Linggu Temple is located in the northeast slope of the Purple-Golden Mountain. After visiting Linggu Temple, it is a good choice to climb the Purple-Golden Mountain. The Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is 1. 5 km west from Linggu Temple and is a must-see historical site.

Solo Adventure Tips:


situated on the eastern side of Purple Mountain

How to Get There?

Tourism Bus No. 3, 9

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

6:00 to 18:45

More Tips:

The ideal season to visit Linggu Temple is from the middle of September to the middle of October, which is the period of osmanthus flowers. During the whole month, there is the Festival of osmanthus flower in Linggu Temple.

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