Ocean World

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The Ocean World is a construction of Sino-Singapore. There are over 200 species of marine organism. It is mainly consist of the hall, computer interaction area, tropical rain forest display area, seal performance hall, penguin hall, touching pond, underwater tunnel, human-shark dancing performance hall and underwater cinema. It is a good place for visitors to visit for a whole day.

What to Do

Enjoying the Performance

There are several performance halls in the Ocean World. In the penguin hall, visitors can see the cute penguins. It also hosts dolphin and sea lion shows, sea diving and shark feeding shows pleasing your sensations. They are probably to be a popular and delightful treat to kids. There is also the exciting “Shark and Man Swimming in Harmony” show and a fairytale presentation of a story about mermaids under the sea.

In addition to the different shows, there are also other interactive activities. Playing with dolphins (for children only) will be the highlight for the children. Visitors can also choose to take pictures with the mermaid, dolphin, and sea lion after the show and can even get a hands-on training for feeding seals and polar bears.

The polar animal exhibit hall is definitely one of the highlights at the Ocean World. There visitors can see polar bears, emperor penguins, sea lions, Arctic wolves, Arctic foxes. The man-made ice made the exhibit hall an oasis of cool for the different animals from the Polar Regions.

Strolling in the Underwater Tunnel

The charming underwater tunnel is definitely a must-see in the Ocean World. Walking in the tunnel, visitors seem like walking in the blue see with a plenty of marine organism swimming around. When seeing sea turtles, sharks and huge gamut of strange looking animals, there always be some divers performing feeding sharks before visitors’ eyes.

In the jellyfish section, fascinating is the only word to describe the mysterious creature. The transparent jellyfishes giving out colorful fluorescence are attractive and visitors are like to walk in a dreamlike world.

Nearby Attractions

Next to the Ocean World is the beautiful scenery surrounding Meihua (plum blossom) Mountain in the mausoleum grounds dedicated to Sun Yat-sen(Mausoleum of Dr Sun Yat Sen). The scenic spot is famous for its peculiar varieties of plum blossom. The Purple-golden Mountain Observatory is another must-see next to the Ocean World. It is a good place for the astronomy enthusiast.

Solo Adventure Tips:


8, Sifangcheng, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Nanjing, Jiangsu province

How to Get There?

Bus 20, 9, tourism 1, tourism 2, tourism 3

Ticket Price:

Daytime 150Yuan/person;
Nighttime: 80Yuan/person

Opening Hours:

Daytime business hours: 8:30 -17:00
Nighttime business hours (July and August, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday): 17:30 -20:30

More Tips:

Schedule for Daytime Shows: 
Dolphin Show: 10:00 to12:00 in the morning; 14:00 to16:00 in the afternoon;
Learn to Feed Fish: 11:00 in the morning; 1:00 in the afternoon;
Mermaid Show: 9:00 in the morning; 13:30 in the afternoon;
Learn to Feed Penguins: 10:30 in the morning; 15:30 in the afternoon.

Schedule for Nighttime Shows: 
Dolphin Show: 20:00;
Learn to Feed Fish: 19:45;
Mermaid Show: 19:30.

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